Saturday, October 25, 2008

Parenting Tip of The Day - Vote Early

My son has already picked out his favorite candidates and is ready to vote - the only thing standing in his way is the fact that he is only 7. Even if your child is too young to vote themselves, bringing them with you when you vote is a great way to teach them several life lessons.

Early voting is a great way to teach your kids the importance of making their voice heard. Sure you can give them the same lesson on November 4th, but you may not be in a teaching mood if you have to stand in long lines and entertain your child for hours on end.

Voting early is also an exercise in discipline - getting important things accomplished ahead of the deadline. Parents and kids both know Murphy and his law show up when you're pressed against a deadline. Wait to finish a paper at the last minute and Murphy makes sure the printer is out of ink. Wait to bake two dozen cupcakes for the class party and Murphy eats all the butter or eggs before hand. Leave the house late for an important appointment and cue Murphy to cause a traffic jam!

Early voting in Fernley is available at Fernley City Hall on the following days:

Saturday Oct.25 10AM- 2PM

Monday-Thursday Oct. 27 - Oct. 30 8AM -5PM

Make your voice heard, share it with your child and make it early. VOTE!

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