Monday, October 13, 2008

Kelly Malloy Fernley City Council Ward 1

Kelly Malloy Candidate for Fernley City Council Ward 1


Dick said...

Kelly the document mailed to me by "The Coalition to Protect the Public Trust" is outrageous! This group is a bunch of COWARDS... No address, phone, name, no contact info. to rebuttal the information. Kim McCreary says you must get elected. I will help
Dick and Debbie Kelsey
1992 Eight Court
Fernley, NV
PS You can make this comment public, because I'm not a COWARD!

Chuck and Kendra Lafferty said...

Kelly, my wife and I also received one of those letters. The writers of "The Coalition to Protect the Public Trust" are fools. It is the most thinly disguised work I have seen since Grade School.

In short, my wife and I agree with Dick and Debbie Kelsey.

If there was any question in our mind on how we were GOING to vote, this letter made our mind up for us.


You may also put a sign up in our front and side yards.

Chuck and Kendra Lafferty
1145 Newlands Dr. West
Fernley, NV