Sunday, July 3, 2011

Save Money When You Shop By Going Green

Did you know that you can save money just by bringing your own bags to the store?  Here are a few places that reward you for going green when you shop:

CVS Green Bag Tag

How it works:
Buy - Online or @ the Register .. for only $.99!

1. Attach – Loop the CVS Green tag around ANY reusable bag (does NOT have to be CVS-brand)

2. Scan – Present your Green Bag Tag and reusable bag to Cashier at checkout

3. Earn – $1 Extra Buck prints on your receipt on every fourth visit (4 scans = $1 Extra Buck!)

Limit of one Green Bag Tag use/scan per day per household


How it works:

1. Receive $0.05 off for EACH bag you bring in (does not have to be a Target bag). 

You may have to remind the cashier to give you your discount.

To learn more about saving money and using coupons, click here.


lollimom said...

It doesn't seem like much but it all adds up...and it just becomes habit to do this now!

Jackie said...

I need to invest in some reusable bags. I would love to get the cash back-it practically pays for your bags overtime. :)