Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinese New Year of the Rat pin

Celebrate the year of the rat with this adorable pin!
What You Need:
wooden heart
1 black chenille stem (pipe cleaner)
2 small wiggle eyes
1 miniature pink pom pom
gray and pink paint
hot glue gun
pin back or magnet
What you do:
1. Paint the wooden heart gray and let dry. Repeat for a second coat if needed.
2.Cut the chenille stem into six 1.5" pieces.
3. Glue the pink pom pom to the point of the heart for the nose.
4. Glue three of the chenille whiskers to the left side of the nose and the other three on the right.
5.Glue the two wiggle eyes around the middle of the heart, above the nose.
6. Use pink paint to add the pink in the ears (in the humps of the heart).
7.Glue either a magnet or a pin back to the back of your rodent.

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