Saturday, October 20, 2007

Recall Alert

As if most of us are not besides ourselves with worries about what toys actually are safe enough to purchase this holiday season, we must now worry about how to soothe our little ones during cough and cold season.
Citing that the potential risks outweigh the benefits, several drug manufacturers, including: Johnson and Johnson, Wyeth, and Novartis have voluntarily recalled many of their infant cold and cough medicines.
The products have not been recalled because they are dngerous, but rather because of misuse by parents in treating their child including improper dosage.
The branded cough and cold medicines that are being voluntarily withdrawn are:

* Dimetapp® Decongestant Plus Cough Infant Drops* Dimetapp® Decongestant Infant Drops* Little Colds® Decongestant Plus Cough* Little Colds® Multi-Symptom Cold Formula* PEDIACARE® Infant Drops Decongestant (containing pseudoephedrine)* PEDIACARE® Infant Drops Decongestant & Cough (containing pseudoephedrine)* PEDIACARE® Infant Dropper Decongestant (containing phenylephrine)* PEDIACARE® Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough* PEDIACARE® Infant Dropper Decongestant & Cough (containing phenylephrine)* Robitussin® Infant Cough DM Drops* Triaminic® Infant & Toddler Thin Strips® Decongestant* Triaminic® Infant & Toddler Thin Strips® Decongestant Plus Cough* TYLENOL® Concentrated Infants’ Drops Plus Cold* TYLENOL® Concentrated Infants’ Drops Plus Cold & Cough
Anyone have any natural remedies for the cough and cold?

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