Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Nutcracker

Presented By:
Kids Take The Stage
The Taj Dance Studio
December 8, 2007

1:00pm and 6:00pm

$5.00 (advance purchase)$7.00 (at the door)
(All Proceeds will benefit the Kids Take The Stage Spring Production of High School Musical)
The Nutcracker is a holiday fairy tale about a young girl, Clara, and her favorite Christmas.
Clara's Godfather, Drosselmeier, is a magical, mysterious character in her life. This Christmas he has given her a special gift, a beautiful Nutcracker doll.
Clara wants to stay awake with it all night, but her family sends her off to bed. After everyone is asleep, Clarasneaks downstairs to look at her Nutcracker doll.
She eventually falls asleep, and with a little help from Drosselmeier's magic, she begins to dream...
Mice awaken her. The Mouse King appears and tries to kidnap her and take her to his kingdom. Then, soldiers arrive and behind them is the life-sized Nutcracker. He has come to save her from the Mouse King.
After an exciting battle, the Nutcracker defeats theMouse King. Clara has found her prince. Appearing through the smoke, the Nutcracker Prince has come to take her away to his special land and to show her his magnificent
Their journey takes them through enchanted lands where they meet a wide variety of fantasy characters.
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