Monday, June 10, 2013

Frugal Fun Ways To Stay Fit This Summer

Are you looking for ways to stay fit this summer, but want to keep it budget friendly?  Here are a few fun and frugal ways to get that beach body without breaking the bank:

1. Hit the internet - There are tons of great resources on-line from support groups, to healthy recipes, to workouts that will help you stay healthy.  I love working out with many of the free workouts available on YouTube.  One of my favorites is blogilates.  She not only offers great workouts, but healthy eating advice as well.

2. Get Social - Find a workout buddy or group of buddies to stay inspired.  You can walk the neighborhood as you chat or get really serious with your own boot camp. This article is a great resource for starting your own boot camp.

3. Get Fit With Fido - Why not multi-task?  If you have to take the dog for a walk anyway, you might as well squeeze in a calorie burn as well. Craig Kelley of shares a ton of great ways to get in shape with your pet that go beyond the whole "take a walk".

4. Schools out - hit the track - With school out of session, it is the perfect time to hit up the high school or middle school track.  If you haven't been active, you might want to start with walking or jogging, but if you keep it up you will be sprinting in no time.

5. Play With Your Kids - Leo Babauta offers some great advice on how to use your kids as a gym.  Not only will you feel the burn, but your kiddos will feel the love.

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