Sunday, August 14, 2011

CouponChief.Com - Coupon Clipping Has Gone Digital!

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people report using coupons when they shop for grocery, household and health-care items at supermarkets?

Did you know that you could also use coupons when you buy other things on-line?  You can save money on clothing, hotel stays, haircuts, and more, just by using a few coupons!

Couponing and Saving Money is not a new thing, after all, coupons have been around since 1887 when Marketing genius and Coca-Cola co-owner, Asa Chandler created the first coupon. The name coupon was derived from the French word "couper," meaning "to cut", but you don't need to cut all of your coupons today because thanks to CouponChief.Com - Coupon Clipping Has Gone Digital!

CouponChief.Com helps you find the best deals on the Internet. Coupon Chief is one of the fastest growing coupon sites, with over 250,000 visitors each month. They have over 50,000 coupons for over 15,000 stores, giving them one of the largest databases of online coupons on the net.  If you want to buy just about anything, it is likely they will have a coupon code to save you money!

Before you make an on-line purchase, head over to CouponChief.Com to search for the retailer, it is likely you will find a coupon code.  You can also browse or search the site by category to find coupons for clothing, furniture, electronics, services, just about anything!   Simply copy the coupon code and enter it in when you checkout.

If you are like me and you like to share deals, you will love the community feature at CouponChief.Com!  They allow commenting, rating, and sharing on all of their deals.  You can send coupon codes to your friends via email, and let other users know if coupon codes work or not.  You can even submit your own coupons, and earn money by doing so!  You never knew you could make money by sharing coupons did you?

If you create a profile, they will send you email alerts when new coupon codes or retailers are added.

What are you waiting for? Head over to CouponChief.Com and register completely free and start saving today!

And... right now, if you Like CouponChief.Com on Facebook you can enter to win a $50 iTunes gift card! 
Disclosure: Although this is a paid review, the opinions are solely mine.

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