Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Water Treatment Plant Update

To: City Staff
From: Lowell Patton
Re: Water Treatment Plant Update

Public Works staff is working feverishly towards meeting the following estimated schedule:

7/28: Water Enters Distribution System from WTP
7/28 - 9/2: Water Blends with Well Water as Wells are Disconnected from Potable System
9/2: WTP Ribbon Cutting / WTP Fully Operational / All Water Distributed from WTP

Yesterday, we valved off Wells 13 and 14 from the potable system so the western portion of town is likely receiving only water from the Water Treatment Plant.

Over the next week, we'll be valving Wells 4 and 11 from the potable system. At that time, all areas but the northeast portion of Fernley will be receiving water from the Water Treatment Plant.

By 9/2 we hope to have all wells permanently disconnected from the potable system and a compliance sample taken. Thank you all for your patience through this process. The updates will not be daily, but will continue at milestone points (wells valved off, wells permanently disconnected, water quality samples available, etc.).

As always, if you have questions, please forward them to the Public Works Department at 784-9910. Thank you for patience in this important period of transition.


Lowell Patton
Public Works Director

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